The Clarendon Hills Historical Society will be a group dedicated to preserving, and teaching, the history of Clarendon Hills for future generations.  The Historical Society will also build and run Heritage Hall which will enable the society to provide an archival history by storing and displaying artifacts, and categorizing the history of our village for research.

Heritage Hall will also have meeting space for groups up to 45.  The interior will feature architectural furnishings saved by the village from the Middaugh Mansion.


The Historical Society will bring together people interested in the history of our community.  This knowledge is basic to many local celebrations, gives us a better understanding of our area, and assists us to better appreciate our American heritage.

-2015-2017 Clarendon Hills Historical Society Board

Diane Hiller

Annette Hillman

Barbara Nolan

Steve Beeaker

Chuck Brand
Berry DeSimone
Chris Helms
Harry Hillman
Helen Justus


E-Mail : Clarendonhillshistory@gmail.com

Clarendon Hills Historical Society
50 Sheridan Avenue
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

(630) 915-5009