Clarendon Hills History

The village of Clarendon Hills began like many other communities, settling around a railroad line, attracting small farms and business and some early settlers, and eventually transitioning to the Chicago suburb of almost 7500 it has become.  Our typical, yet special, beginnings were being lost and scattered, and thus the Clarendon Hills Historical Society was founded in 1974 by members of Friends of the Library who realized the importance of collecting and preserving our past.  Until now, the society has stored its documents and historic items in the local library and various residences.

Clarendon Hills in the 1960s

Clarendon Hills in the 1960s

With the creations of the Heritage Hall and the establishment of a permanent home for the Historical Society, the village and its residents can begin to accumulate and preserve the important aspects of their history in one central place.  The Societies’ collection will include a multitude of photographs, letters, personal records, and physical artifacts that depict the life and history of Clarendon Hills and its place as a prominent Chicago suburb.

The society’s organizational structure requires quarterly programs and board meetings, and the continued collection of materials and research.  Our programs feature topics of regional interest and local awareness.  Although we have far to go, the Clarendon Hills Historical Society is dedicated to protecting and preserving the historical significance of the village of Clarendon Hills.

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Artifact Collection

In addition to a number of exciting historical topics (shown below), the Historical Society is committed to the accumulation, display, and contextualization of an artifact collection in order to share the amazing history of the village in a more tangible nature. While the collection will ultimately be displayed at Heritage Hall, you can view information about the collection by clicking below.

Clarendon Hills Historical Society Artifact Collection


Other Fascinating Aspects Of Clarendon Hills History

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