Stained Glass in our Collections

Stained Glass from the Middaugh Mansion


The Clarendon Hills Historical Society is dedicated, in part, to preserving the rich and colored history of the Village of Clarendon Hills, as well as the history and themes of the Chicago suburban experience.  In order to do so, the Historical Society maintains a relatively large collection of artifacts, archival materials, and library books both for research purposes and public display.

Artifact collection

The Historical Society’s artifact collection is currently undergoing organization, restoration, and cataloging.  The Historical Society takes pride in its large collection of artifacts pertaining directly to the history of Clarendon Hills, and Chicago suburban life as a whole.  These artifacts include, but are not limited to, clothing, furniture, appliances, tools, photographs, letters, manuscripts, books, maps, and even cooking utensils.These artifacts are divided into the general artifact collection (larger, physical objects and textiles), the archives (older paper-based materials such as photographs, letters, and village records), and the library (newer, research-able books and pamphlets).  The goal is to eventually post a number of the artifacts, along with pictures and history, here to the website, for education and research purposes.  With luck, and some good volunteers, this could be completed in the next year.

Woodwork in our collections

Woodwork currently in the collection


The Clarendon Hills Historical Society is currently accepting donations of artifacts, archival materials, or library resources.  If you feel that you are in possession of something of historic value, you may contact our collections personnel at 630-915-5009 and they will be happy to help you.

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