Christmas Walk


The Clarendon Hills Historical Society is a proud participant in the annual Clarendon Hills Christmas Walk, one of the Village’s most iconic and long-lasting traditions.  The original Christmas Walk began in Clarendon Hills nearly 50 years ago and is a custom that antedates walks in other area communities.

Year after year more merchants got involved until each store offered its own special holiday hors d’oeuvres, cookies, or cups of good cheer. The event soon evolved into a Christmas shopping night. Parents, under the guise of Santa’s helpers, shopped for Christmas morning surprises for their little ones while enjoying holiday with their neighbors.

Much has changed since the early Christmas Walks. What was an evening of hospitality has grown into a village family event. It is no longer organized by two businesswomen, but organized and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Park District. The one constant is the merchants still look at this night as a way to thank every who patronizes village businesses throughout the year.

Every year the Clarendon Hills Historical Society participates by setting up tables inside the Village Hall. There are cookies, hot chocolate, and apple cider served and the village hall is serenaded by Christmas carolers before going outside to light the Village Christmas tree. During the festivities, the Historic Society displays a number of prominent artifacts from Clarendon Hills’ past and conducts a membership drive and educational outreach inside Village Hall.

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