Heritage Hall

Construction Updates Clarendon Hills Historical Society-Fundraising Proposal

Mission Statement:

Heritage Hall will be a historically-themed educational facility and meeting place.  It will be located in an existing historic village building which was constructed to be and served for many years as the operations hub of the village’s water distribution system.

The purposes of Heritage Hall are three-fold:

  • To serve as the home of the Clarendon Hills Historical Society, formed in 1963, and a facility for collecting and preserving our past.
  • To maintain a permanent venue and public display of historical artifacts and documents assembled by the historical society, including many unique items recovered from the Middaugh Mansion.
  • To provide an attractive meeting facility for small groups (30 to 40 in attendance) of Clarendon Hills’ charitable, educational and social organizations, as well as similar organizations from adjacent areas.


The Heritage Hall Committee was formed by the Village of Clarendon Hills to assist with the renovation of the Village former water pumping station into Heritage Hall. The mission of Heritage Hall is to serve as the first home of the Clarendon Hills Historical Society, a venue for Clarendon Hills’ artifacts, and a meeting facility for small organizations.

Following the renovation of Heritage Hall, the Clarendon Hills Historical Society will have the responsibility for the implementation and continuing management of the facility.

Artifact Incorporation:

In June 2002, the  Middaugh  Mansion was torn down. This historic home (circa 1890) was the only building in Clarendon Hills listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Prior to demolition, the Village saved a treasure trove of artifacts from the Mansion, including stained glass windows and woodwork such as heart-of-oak paneled doors, a mirrored fireplace mantel, and a staircase.

It was at this time that representatives from the Village of Clarendon Hills, the Clarendon Hills Historical Society, and interested residents formed a Middaugh Mansion Artifact Committee to create a home for the Middaugh Mansion collection. Since that time, the committee has evolved into the Heritage Hall Committee, which aims to establish an operating facility for the Clarendon Hills Historical Society in which the artifacts from the Middaugh Mansion will be displayed or structurally incorporated into the building.

Heritage Hall Groundbreaking

Heritage Hall’s Groundbreaking Ceremony


The construction and maintenance of Heritage Hall will take the dedication and hard work of a wide variety of individuals within the Clarendon Hills Community.  Including the Village itself, which has been exceptionally, helpful, receptive, and involved, Heritage Hall will be supported in part by the following:

Funding for the remodeling, furnishing and landscaping:
Corporate donors
Institutional funders of historic-based entities Local, state, and national grants
In-kind and volunteer donations

Funding for ongoing operations:
Funding-raising efforts by the Clarendon Hills Historical Society User fees paid by organizations renting the facility Volunteer staffing Grants

Architectural Progression & Plans:

The Heritage Hall Committee has secured a completed set of architectural plans for the renovation. The Committee has also bid approximately 90% of the work required for renovation. The project has been broken into the following three phases:

Phase 1 Work: $106,500
Existing Building Construction:
New Slab Floor
Water and Sewer
Windows and Doors
Roofing/FlashingVestibule Rough Construction:
Carpentry Labor
Gutters and Downspouts
Phase 2: $103,000
Rough Construction:
Carpentry Framing
Drywall and Insulation
Exterior Site Work
Phase 3: $94,400
Existing Building Finish:
Mechanicals and Fixtures
Cabinets and Countertops
PaintingVestibule Finish:
Mechanicals and Fixtures
PaintingExterior Site Work:
Paving and Parking