Christmas Walk this Friday, December 4th at 6 pm

Don’t forget to stop by the Clarendon Hills Historical Society table at the Christmas Walk this Friday, December 4th from 6 pm inside Village Hall in the Lobby.

We have some great gifts for purchase and a bit of history too…Meg Morel Christmas Ornaments Meg Morel Christmas Print

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CHHS Fundraiser! Football, Funding & Food- November 22, 2015 at Scapa’s

Football, Funding & Food- November 22, 2015 11:45 am at Scapa’s Italian Restaurant 

What: Fundraiser for the Clarendon Hills Historical Society to get renovations started! let’s eat, drink and watch the Bears vs the Broncos

Where: Scapa Italian Restaurant, 1 Walker Avenue, Clarendon Hills

Doors open at 11:45 am for 12 pm kick off. $30 per adult. Includes Italian style buffet!

Raffles throughout the game. Prizes include cash and gift cards!

For tickets contact Meredith Lannert at 630-974-9497

Walk- ins welcome!

Can’t make the Fundraiser, but would like to donate? Just click the “Support” tab above!

Babysitting available at the Park District Community Room, for info contact: Meredith at 630-974-9497

The Clarendon Hills Historical Society suffered a devastating arson fire at their offices and future museum, “Heritage Hall” on August 17, 2015. As someone who has been very involved with the efforts of the Society over the years since they signed the lease in 2005, it was heart wrenching to open the door to the acrid smell of smoke, black soot and fire damage.

We are especially disheartened because we were just reaching our goal of installing a bathroom, when this occurred. In addition, over the years, we have made significant progress on our goals for the Historical Society and for Heritage Hall. The Society has raised money and renovated the inside of the building including demolition of pipes and equipment in the floors and walls, we have replaced and added windows, the pits in the floor were filled in and a new slab floor was poured. The east wall, which was plywood needed to be replaced with masonry. Next the Society brought in a water service, roughed in plumbing, upgraded the electrical, installed a new roof and unit heater and painted.

Since moving into 50 Sheridan Avenue, the Society has been able to consolidate artifacts and records that were being stored in various storage facilities. We were then open to accepting pieces of our past, that were being stored in people’s basements and homes, before they were lost or destroyed to future generations.

This building has been and will continue to be very important to the Society in providing for our community. We will continue our fundraising to complete the space and open it up to the public. But, for now we need to raise money to cover our out of pocket expenses associated with this tragic set of circumstances.

I hope to see you at our fundraiser, we are all ready to have some fun, watch some football and raise some funds!

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The Journey to Mollie’s War: WACS and WWII

Join Us for Our Next Program!

On Veteran’s Day Celebrating Women Who Served in World War IICyndee Shaffer - Journey to Mollies War2.img_assist_custom-180x270 Cyndee Shaffeer - The Journey To Mollies War.img_assist_custom-325x248

When: Veteran’s Day, November 11th – More Info: 630-769-6502
Where: Village Hall, 1 No. Prospect Avenue, Clarendon Hills, IL
Time: 10:00 am
Free to members
$5 for non-members

The Journey to Mollie’s War: WACS and WWII

By Cyndee Schafer, Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar

Members of the Women’s Army Corps – WACs – were the first women other than nurses to

Serve overseas in World War II. Cyndee Schaffer’s mother, Mollie Weinstein Schaffer, was one of them. Drawing upon excerpts from Mollie’s letters written home during the war, this presentation provides a romantic, yet frightful, glimpse into the life of a woman in uniform during this crucial time in history.

This presentation details Mollie’s experiences from basic training in Florida in October 1943 to the dramatic moment when the Statue of Liberty came into view upon her return in November 1945. It traces the footsteps of the women who served in Europe, following Mollie and her fellow WAC’s who were stationed in London, England, before D-Day and during the post-D-Day German buzz bomb attacks.

This presentation invites contemplation of the vital and varied roles that women have fulfilled in the American military.

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CHHS Next Program: Sacred Spaces


                                        The Clarendon Hills Historical Society    
Sacred Spaces
By Charles M. Brand
                                             Join us
 Thursday, October 22 
Community Presbyterian Church 
39 No. Prospect Ave. Clarendon Hills
7:00 pm 
Free Event
For more info: 630-988-2850
 Chuck Brand, Society board member and grandson of Herbert A. Brand will be
 giving a presentation, which will include a biography of Herbert A. Brand, who
 designed over 150 churches and educational buildings from 1923 to 1959, the
 original Community Presbyterian Church included. Most of Brands’ designs were
 of Gothic or modified Gothic design as is the current sanctuary. A review of
 fundamental elements of Gothic design, the history of Community Presbyterian
 Church and a look at a few of Brand’s designs in the area that you may recognize
 is also planned.


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Clarendon Hills Historical Society Discusses Future: Post Fire and Park Board Decision

Last night, the Clarendon Hills Park Board decided not to go ahead with a request from

the Clarendon Hills Historical Society to place a referendum question on the ballot for a

museum tax that would help the Society finish Heritage Hall within the next two years.

Heritage Hall is to be a museum, archives and office for the Society, as well as a meeting

space for 30-40 people available for community groups and the park district use. The

museum tax would have raised about $45,000 dollars a year and allow the renovations to

be completed within a two year time period. The tax would equate to about $25 dollars a

year for most residents.
Diane Hiller, President of the Society and former village president, Chuck Brand, Director

of Heritage Hall and John Steeves, Former Park Board President made a presentation and

request to the board over two consecutive meetings. In the presentations, the Society

stressed that the location of 50 Sheridan is a suitable location that the Society has resided

at since 2005. This site is preferred due to available parking and less congestion. The

Society already has in place a 99- year lease on the building with the Village of Clarendon

Hiller called this another setback for the Society, which just experienced an arson fire at

Heritage Hall. The Society held insurance on the contents of the building, as per the lease,

but the Village of Clarendon Hills who owns and insures the building structure, as per the

lease, raised their deductible for the village buildings from $2500 to $25,000 dollars.

Because of this, they have asked the Society to pay half the cost of their insurance

deductible or half the cost of the work. “We are disappointed by their decision because it

means we would have to take the money we raised for improvements we so desperately

need, to pay for the village’s deductible.” She said. The estimates to clean the structure

came in at $25,000 dollars. The Society would have to pay half of that figure and hopes to

try and get that amount lower.
Diane Hiller said, “For years, the Society has worked out of library shelves, back rooms,

borrowed rooms and people’s basements. We can’t move forward without a completed

space to house ourselves, our records, archives and artifacts, it’s as simple as that. We

wanted to at least be allowed to ask the question to the community. The Society and its

volunteers work many, many hours for the community to be able to preserve, exhibit and

present the history of this wonderful town.”

“The community, I believe does care. I talk with people all the time who are really excited

about what we are trying to do with Heritage Hall. We have grown our memberships to

over 150 families.”

“I feel that the boards, on the other hand don’t believe we have enough support in the

community and don’t see the vision of a completed up and running museum and meeting

space. We are looking for a community wide rallying of support to get this space finished

soon or we risk losing the progress we made and probably the volunteers.” Hiller noted.
When asked what is next for the Society, Hiller said “It looks like we are back to private

fundraising; our goals have not changed, to complete the space for the benefit of the

community within two years.


To help contact: Diane Hiller


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